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Corinth was founded from Mt. Gilead Baptist Church in 1886 by Rev. C.P. Hughes in a one room school at Hodge Station, a turn-around junction for the Colorado Southern railroad between Sylvania and Beach street; known formerly as “The Black Community”

We thank God for the founding fathers, the Hooper’s, Guerry,McClardy, Cheney, Matthews, and Finley families and Harrison Thompson who were led by the Holy Spirit to build a church. Through their vision a small one room church was built where they worshipped for six years. By divine guidance, the congregation decided to move the one room church by a horse drawn carriage to the Riverside area. Deacon Gid Hooper hired Bill Matthew to complete the job. The church was placed at its current location in 1892.

In the beginning of Corinth, there were many pastors, Rev. Bell, Rev. E.M. Clemons, Rev. J.P. Phillips and Rev. L.G. Farley. In 1919 Rev. B.B. Johnson of Stephenville, TX was called to pastor Corinth. He served for 34 years and was founder and moderator of the Original West Texas Association. During Rev. Johnson’s pastorate of Corinth, he built two churches including our current sanctuary. He served faithfully until his death in 1953.

In 1955, Rev. C.C. Cyphers was called to pastor Corinth. The congregation grew under the leadership of this vessel of God. The education building was built in 1961 as an asset to his growth. Rev. Cyphers served Corinth until 1969.

In 1970, Rev. L. B. Adams picked up the mantle. Rev Adams ministered to Corinth for 33 years as a pastor, teacher, dean, counselor, and friend and perfect example of faith. In 1994 Corinth purchased the landmark Riverside School which was dedicated with ceremony as the Corinth Youth Center and was awarded a plaque and a historical place on the national register in December of 1999.  Rev. Adams served until December 2003. He remained at Corinth until his death in 2005.

On July 24, 2004 Rev. Patrick Joubert was called to pastor Corinth he served until October 2008.

On May 17, 2009 Pastor A. Gary Brumfield was called to pastor Corinth. Pastor Brumfield brought in new energy, excitement and a new vision that has Ignited! The entire Church.  The congregation has grown ministries have flourished.  Corinth continues to be a historical pillar in the riverside community, with the adopted statement”We Are More Than A Church We Are A Family” ~ Each One Reach One “. Praise be to God under the leadership of Pastor Brumfield “The Corinthians “Are Striving to Serving Like Faithful Servants”.  Rev. Brumfield served until returning to his home state of Mississippi in August of 2015.

God's Work Must Go On - Nothing is Going To Separate Us...Roman's 8:35-39

Rev. Garry Marshall was called as Senior Pastor of Corinth Baptist Church on February 9, 2016. May this great church go forward from this day of celebration to be even better and greater in years to come.


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